hind your iGaming portal.

Our back office software cover all roles in your company such as customer support, marketing and casino managers.

Our goal is to make your daily work as smooth and profitable as possible.

The Game Account Toolkit (GAT) is a smart, secure and stable solution for operators wanting to guarantee a quality gaming environment to players.

Our iGame solutions.

Reliable, Trusted and Stable

The latest and stable technical products

In order to maximize your business we use the latest and stable techniques for our iGame casinos.

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iGame casino features.

The Game Account Toolkit (GAT) is a smart, secure and stable solution for operators wanting to guarantee a quality gaming environment to players.

In addition of being a standalone IGaming casino platform we have the unique ability to fit in alongside existing platforms allowing us to have superior flexibility and seamless integration.

Player account

be the best at helping your customer.

Here you find all information about your players. Game and order history, Account balances, Bonuses, handle player protection and lcoks, and riskr/player levels. In the support tab you handle incomming e-mails and you get a built-in ticket/issue management.

  • Player information
  • Real- and Bonus account balances
  • Risk- and Player levels
  • Lock management
  • Game history
  • Order history
  • Player protection
  • Player support issues
  • Bonus management
  • Player activity


to be closer to your customers.

By creating your own player segmentations and create groups you are able to reach the right customer at the right time.

  • Send group mails with dynamic content
  • Use player groups to target the optimal audience
  • A lagre amount of trigger events to automatically send out e-mails
  • Award players with freespins via e-mails

Compliance and Responsible Gaming

prevent compulsive player behavior.

With an AI-based player protection tool you will be one step ahead and can prevent compulsive behavior before it will be a problem.

GAT complies with guidelines given by many regulated jurisdictions, and our system has been tested by 3rd party accredited testing laboratories. In regulated markets our software has been approved by the local regulators for use by our customers.

  • Player protection limits
  • GDPR compliance
  • Self-exclusion
  • Detect potential risk players using a powerful AI trained by real life psychologists

iGame support

gives your customer the best service possible.

The heart of any business is to have a good customer service. which in this case includes iGame support.

  • Easily connect incoming e-mails to the player accounts
  • Hnadle comminucation directly from the web client
  • Internal notes to keep track of information
  • Individual audit trace per player to see what they have been doing

User Management

in role based permissions.
  • Manage Users
    • Assign roles
    • Individual Limits
      • Single, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
      • Adjustments
      • Bonus
      • Withdrawals
  • Role Management
    • Add/Edit/Remove roles
    • Set permissions for each role
  • Two Factor Authentication

Reporting and Dashboards

gives you vital information at a glance.

It´s fully customizable per user and with a wide range of widgets available. You easily add, remove and rearrange widgets. Get the information you want through dynamic date ranges and intervals.

  • Detailed reports
    • Player group filter
    • Campaign filter
  • Scheduled custom reports
    • E-mail
    • SFTP
  • Dynamic date ranges or intervals

Player segmentation

to identify and pinpoint exactly the player you want.

Dynamic and static player groups using a wide range of criterions to identify exactly the player you want to target. Dynamic grups will automatically add and remove players depending on the criterions.

  • Import and export players from and to groups
  • Used when setting up
    • Bonuses
    • Achievements
    • Free games ans free spins
    • Sending e-mails
    • Reports

Promotional features

to front your business.

Seamless bonus management cross all game providers and products. With Achievements you keep track on players and their achievements on the web site. Set up free games and trach your promotion result via reports.

Legal compliance

Licencing and Compliance

We are fully compliant and regulary complete the DGA audits successfully.

We use CPR lookups to verify player information. We always make sure to check ROFUS during logins and registration and we support the use of NEM ID login.

We have all necessary functionality to support all the legal demands as well as the code of conduct in Denmark.

Platform requirements

Regarding our platform requirements and architechture we do have following functions.

  • KYC and management
  • Wallet and sub-wallet
  • Payments and paymentmanagement
  • Risk management and fraud
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Compliance and regulatory
  • Customer segmentation and player analytics
  • CMS / Front end and UX capabilities and solution
  • Bonus management
  • Affiliate integrations
  • CRM solution and capabilities

CMS - iGame casino portal

With our CMS, you can quickly get started building your casino portal. Integrations with the market’s most famous game providers.

In the CMS, you can easily handle everything related to games and game categories, graphics, payment solutions, game providers and the structure of navigation in the portal.